The LUMIX name

It was a flash of brilliance. When Leica optical technologies converged with Panasonic digital technologies, a bright new light – LUMIX – was illuminated in the camera world.
We coined the LUMIX name from the words "luminance" and "mix," as in mixing different things together. LUMIX represents the crystallization of technologies from two entirely different companies, each a leader in its field. These great forces – optical technologies from Leica and digital imaging technologies from Panasonic – transcended the barriers of culture and experience to create something new. What drew them together was a common goal: to give people the ability to create photographs that, like the finest works of art, touch us on a deep emotional level.
This goal serves as the foundation of a collaborative partnership between Leica and Panasonic that is helping to revolutionize the world of digital camera lenses.

A fusion of leading technologies

Each of the two companies that together created the LUMIX lens is a world leader in its field. The Leica name is nothing short of legendary. Leica's history is closely interwoven with the history of the camera itself. Favored by top photographers all around the world, Leica cameras have captured some of the most memorable, emotionally rich photos ever recorded.
Panasonic is a pioneer and industry leader in a different branch of the image-producing world. The company has developed and introduced a great many new technologies in broadcast equipment and video cameras, among other products.
In their collaboration, these two technological giants not only complemented each other's strengths, they also merged their vast technical resources to create something that neither could have created on its own. Synergy in image creation – that's the significance of their partnership. That's the beauty of LUMIX.


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